East Coast Cocktail Nights


Do you want to meet me? Well, I want to meet you!

I’m working my way through 5 east coast cities, and would love to meet up for drinks! This is a great opportunity to mingle with new friends.

I put these cocktail nights together because I really love meeting my readers, clients, and colleagues who I normally only get to chat with over the interwebs. I wrote about the importance of true connections, so let’s clink glasses! There is no cost for these events … we’re just meeting up for drinks like old pals. :)

If you want to hang out, just RSVP here, and indicate which city you’ll be attending in. We’ll hold a seat at the bar for ya!



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Sign yo-self up!



Between bliss and love, we’re pretty happy around here.

We talk about life alignment, love, relationships, soulful communication, miracles, science, practical spirituality, and how to create a beautiful life.

This is a new era in which all the magic of positivity, science, culture, beauty, entrepreneurship, love, humor, and consciousness can exist together. I write about these things from my personal experiences, travels, work with clients, and research that I conduct on a round-the-clock basis. I spend time in both New York City and Orange County, CA, writing about life, love, relationships, and spirit.

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